What Are These "Sex" Boxes Really About ?

What Are These "Sex" Boxes Really About ?

By Jenna Schreck
cosmic love expert and lady behind nowheylady.com

So you’ve seen Pleasure Kit Boxes...but do you know what they’re really about? I’m here with the inside scoop. Get ready and try not to get too excited (or maybe do). These Limited Edition (only 250 of each) Pleasure Kits are filled with anything and everything you could possibly dream of. I’m not kidding. It’s up to you and your play partner to decide what the box creates. The only limit is your own imagination.

Literally speaking there are two boxes both filled with a handful of luxurious "sex toys” and “sex-eccesories.”

For those enticed by expanding sensation play, The Romance Kit includes:

  • A melty massage candle
  • A wearable, chic vibrating necklace
  • A satin sash
  • A wartenberg wheel
  • A delicate feather
  • A bejeweled butt plug
  • Three rose quartz eggs
  • Condoms, lube, and a body cloth of course


For those attracted to any and all things bondage, The Bondage Box includes:

  • A chic njoy stainless steel wand
  • A stainless steel cock ring
  • A pair of very hot handcuffs (not the fluffy ones my friends)
  • A leather paddle
  • An eye mask
  • Condoms, lube, and a body cloth of course

Not only are both sets elegantly designed, but they can elicit the most gloriously amusing, not to mention gratifying response from a partner.

I had a man over the other night. One I’m dating. Things are still new and spicy and we definitely haven’t had the full kinks and boundaries talk, though we’ve certainly skirted around it. Let’s all keep in mind that I write about sex, so it’s assumed that I am probably quite exploratory--that, and mentions of dom//sub play, among other things have gently come up in conversation, but nothing in depth…yet

Enter The Lickerish Love Pleasure Kits...

I had both boxes laying out when we arrived back at my apartment from an outdoor rendezvous. While I was getting settled and situated for the evening—you know getting cozy, pouring waters, starting to think about handing out dinner prep task work etc, his eyes went to the sleek black lickerish love boxes. That’s when I so smoothly said, “have a look.” He opened one The Bondage Box and started unzipping it. I kid you not when I tell you he looked like a kid who had just walked into a candy shop and was told he could fill his bag with whatever his heart desired. Needless to say, the rest of dinner prep was put on pause.

The box was swiftly brought upstairs and the handcuffs, paddle, and eye mask were whipped out immediately, along with a gag I had laying around.He lifted me up, threw me onto my bed, and told me that I’d been naughty for not showing him my toys sooner. That I needed to be punished. Which was when he firmly took my hands in his and wrapped my wrists in the leather lickerish love handcuffs, which he then buckled tightly while my arms were lifted well above my head. He flipped me over so that I was face down on the bed, grabbed the eye mask, and from that point on all sensation was heightened. I was told to sit on my knees and immediately felt the coolness of the siding of the lickerish love leather paddle sliding gently down my spine. When the delicate, almost tickling sensation arrived at my tailbone, I was pushed onto all fours as I simultaneously heard and felt the paddle collide with the flesh of my bum. It was straight out of a fantasy and totally hot. For word-count sake, I’ll spare you of the details and let you leave the rest up to your imagination.

"The beauty of The Lickerish Love Pleasure Kits is that they were created for exploratory fun—a chance to create and choose your own adventure story, if you will."


While he wasn't comfortable exploring use of the cock ring (just yet!) and wanted to focus on handsy acts and the penetration of his member vs the use of the steel wand included in The Bondage Box for that “sex-ploration” session, the scene was set…and next time the act might look a little different. That is precisely the point and that’s where the fun is.


When the handcuffs came off, we were able to take a moment to talk about the unique experience we created together, alongside what turned us on about it and what might be fun to try next time...items like the feather and the satin sash from the blush box were mentioned. The conversation was light and fun and filled with all kinds of sensual goodness. There was no pressure surrounding what "should have” or “could have” been different—full disclosure the timer for the potatoes in the oven went off while I was blindfolded and handcuffed and he had to scurry downstairs past the undrawn curtains in order to shut it all down while I was wet, bound, and waiting.

No situation is ever perfect and it’s in the imperfections and flubs that the real magic comes alive. You won’t mess it up, I promise. Now go play!

Also, remember you don’t have to do it the way we did. Do what feels good to you and your partner in the moment. I guarantee if we pulled the box out again (which will happen) the experience would look different. I’ll be back with more “how it went down” stories for further inspo. Have fun bbs!

XO jenna