Bringing Passion Back Into Relationship - Easier Than You Think!

Bringing Passion Back Into Relationship - Easier Than You Think!

An anonymous personal essay by a mother of two
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My husband and I have been together for 10 years. We’re still crazy about each other, but between work, children, the pandemic and life in general, our sex life has gotten stale. Since we can’t hire a sitter and run away for a romantic weekend, I decided to surprise him with the Blush Box to heat things up.

The Blush Box has already brought so much fun back into our sex lives, and we’ve had it for less than a week.

I put the Essential Oil Massage Candle on the nightstand and lit it after dinner while he cleaned up. I dipped a finger in when it had melted, rubbing it on my skin. I found myself getting turned on before my husband even came into the room.

I got a little carried away and grabbed the little Crave Vibrator Necklace for some extra stimulation while I waited.

For something so small, I was impressed by the strong vibrations. By the time my husband came up I was in my lingerie, covered in oil and getting off with a necklace. It wasn’t the subtle seduction I had planned, but he didn’t have any complaints. 

He jumped into bed, and just like that, we had broken out of our routine. Suddenly, we were spontaneous and playful, taking turns rubbing the vibrator over each other’s bodies, giving hot oil massages, talking and giggling. The sex was amazing, and when we fell asleep, we were completely and utterly satisfied.

The next day went on as usual, but I made a point to sneak away for a minute to send him a risky photo. He’s working from his home office, so he was able to send me one right back. He was fully erect at his desk. It turns out he had been hard for most of the day thinking about our night, and I loved it. If the kids were at school, I would have gone in right then and there, but I had to wait until the evening. At dinner, I teased him by wearing the necklace. I love that nobody else knew what it was except for us, and he couldn’t take his eyes off of me.

He jumped into bed and just like that, we had broken out of our routine.

While he put the kids to bed, I lit the massage candle and got ready. I laid the ostrich feather, the pinwheel and my favorite vibrator on the bed, and then slipped the satin sash over my eyes and waited. When he opened the door, everything went quiet as he put the pieces together. We’re not a vanilla vanilla couple, but this was definitely the kinkiest sex we’ve had in a while—he even used the sash to tie my hands to our bed frame (one of the perks of marrying an Eagle Scout).

I’m so used to being “in charge” in our house, it took me some time to get into that submissive headspace and follow his lead. But once I did, I felt so wanted and connected to him. We weren’t just going through the motions again, there was passion and lust again. He absolutely spoiled me that night, he had me on the edge for so long, my entire body was practically shaking when he finally pushed inside me. I can’t remember the last time I orgasmed that many times in one night.

We rarely have time for each other in the morning, but I was so horny the next day I woke up extra early. I grabbed the feather and gently tickled hubby awake, with a few neck kisses thrown in for good measure. We had an entire hour to each other, and even shared a shower before he had to log on for work. It was another day of very good sexting. I made sure to tease him with a photo of me holding the gem-topped butt plug. He’d make me pay for it later, which is exactly what I wanted…

The Blush Box has already brought so much fun back into our sex lives, and we’ve had it for less than a week. We’ve started making time for each other again and get excited about finding new ways to use our toys (we keep the quartz eggs in my makeup fridge, so we can alternate between hot massage oil and cold eggs). Even after so many years together, we’re still learning about our wants, and our bodies. I can’t wait to see what comes next.

If we can do it, so can you!
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