10 Ways to Make 2021 More Pleasure-centric!

10 Ways to Make 2021 More Pleasure-centric!

Nurture your best love and sex life by bringing pleasure and sensuality into your everyday routine ……

Every new year brings an opportunity to start again, a charged time where we imagine who we could be at our best, and set resolutions to get there. However underneath most “resolutions” can be guilt. When you tell yourself that you’re going to eat less, run more or lose weight, what you may really be saying is, “I need to earn the right to love myself.”

At Lickerish Love, we prefer to resolve towards self-love from the onset. You are perfect exactly as you are, and deserve to love yourself now, in this moment and each one after. We encourage you to leave unattainable aspirations of perfection behind this year, and focus on embracing pleasure, positivity and joy, by delighting in the senses.

Here are 10 ways you can bring pleasure into your life now! To inspire a journey full of living and loving fully - proceed with an open-heart and abandon self doubt…..

Make a commitment to spend a little extra time and money on yourself this year. Perhaps you purchase that wand you’ve been eying, or indulge in a massage, or simply relax into your body with any of these bath and body offerings. Vow to never feel guilty about “me time.”

Life moves quickly, and it’s easy to get lost in a never-ending series of to-do lists. If this resonates, try making a conscious effort to schedule (and stick to) a time in the day for YOUR pleasure. Early bird ? Try waking up an hour early to connect with your partner or masturbate to wake. Not a morning person? Block time for mid-afternoon sexting, or schedule a weekly ‘no distractions allowed’ orgasm with yourself or someone you makes you feel beautiful.

Pleasure and pain certainly can go together (try the Noir Box if that sounds enticing) but pleasure and stress rarely do. When you feel depleted it is difficult to feel pleasure. Setting loving boundaries with people and situations that drain your energy can alleviate unnecessary stress. This means more space for embracing what feels good - TO YOU!

Whether it’s bare skin against satin sheets, a much needed shared shower, smacks of a paddle or an evening alone with your favorite records, give yourself more of your favorite sensations. Don’t be afraid to let all the good feelings take over you.

Spend time truly reflecting on your relationship with sex and pleasure. What feels good to your body? What makes you feel sexy? What are your favorite ways to be intimate with your partner(s) and/or yourself? Do you have insecurities? How can you learn to nurture them? Self-reflection is the first step towards self-acceptance, and nothing is more pleasurable and sexier than that.

Make a commitment to surround yourself with beauty. Try taking an extra 3 seconds looking at something you find beautiful and revel. Making your social media a haven of accounts that inspire you, filling your home with art, colors, and textures that make you smile are all wonderful ways to embrace beauty daily. Of course, beauty is on the inside as well - so make sure to spend time with people who make you feel as wonderful as you are.

Erotically, sensually, carnally, passionately, intimately, lovingly ..… Knowing what turns you on, and gratifies you, can offer empowerment in daily life. One of our favorite messages (on repeat) is – your pleasure is your power. If you can ;-) find a way to incorporate regular masturbation into your life, you can quickly reap the rewards, like a higher sex drive, better sleep and more confidence.

Shake things up with new forms of pleasure and play to keep your sex life dynamic and fun. Try teasing your partner with some new oils, stepping into character and role playing one of your deepest fantasies, or dipping a toe into the world of BDSM with blindfolds and restraints.

Find ways to delight your senses every day. It can be as simple as eating a piece of fruit at half the speed, wearing your favorite perfume when you have nowhere to be, or simmering a decadent meal all day just so you can apprehend tasting it longer. These simple practices keep you present, and train your mind and body to feel sensations more deeply - providing powerful moments of pleasure.

True pleasure comes from a strong sense of connection. Make time to nourish the important relationships in your life, through open communication and shared vulnerability. It can deepen friendships, illuminate loving moments with family, and strengthen your intimate bonds with partners.

Lead with love. Happy New Year! xx Lickerish Love