5 Ways to Embrace Gratitude This November

5 Ways to Embrace Gratitude This November

5 Ways to Embrace Gratitude This November

Lickerish Love wants to encourage everyone  to embrace the practice of gratitude, so we can lead richer, more vibrant lives, all year long.

November brings crisp days, long nights, and a hint of nostalgia for a year almost gone. It’s the last moments of calm before the rush of the holidays. We wrap ourselves up in the company of our cherished ones, or embrace a moment of solitude, as we appreciate all the year has given us over a Thanksgiving meal.

Of course, this year is different to most. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the ways in which we come together, the ways we celebrate, the ways we live. Now, more than ever, we need to linger in those precious moments of gratitude.

Instead of waiting for a specific holiday, Lickerish Love invites you to embrace the spirit of gratitude every day this month, and each one after. 

Gratitude isn’t just a feeling, it’s a practice. It’s a commitment to finding the abundance in our daily lives, especially when it’s hard to see. It’s taking a moment to relish the feeling of waking up in a warm bed, it’s texting a loved one because you’re thinking of them, and it’s as simple as holding your partner for one more minute in the morning.

We all know that gratitude is important, yet in the rush of life, we often neglect to nurture it. Committing to a regular practice of gratitude is great for more than just our moods. It has been proven to expand the depths of our emotions, improve our sleep, boost our immune systems (which is more necessary than ever!) and even strengthen our relationships.

Ready to jumpstart your gratitude practice with us? Check out our five ways to give thanks to yourself and those you love.

Write it Down – Putting thoughts on paper— whether in a gratitude journal, a phone note or an old-fashioned letter to a friend— is taking an intentional moment to relish in the abundance of your life. Think of three, or even ten people, places and things that you are truly grateful for, and write them down. Let your gratitude pour freely onto the page, and then pause to appreciate the abundance in your life.

Indulge a Little – Life is full of wonders and pleasures, waiting to be sought out. Don’t wait for a special occasion to gift yourself something to be thankful for, every day is worthy of celebrating. A simple indulgence, like an evening alone with your favorite book, wrapped up in an ultra-luxe blanket with chocolates on hand can lift your mood for days. For something more sensual, soak in an opulent bath filled high with French Vanilla bubbles. A waterproof sex toy (like the Loki prostate massager or the Elise 2 vibrator) makes the perfect accompaniment – you might never want to leave.

Steal a Moment – If you normally dash out the door in the morning, or are always the first to sleep at night, set an intention to linger just a little while longer. Then, spend those extra moments being fully present wherever you are, and with whomever you’re with. Take the time to experience all the wonders of being alive by tuning in with your senses and appreciating the smallest moments, like the smell of morning coffee or the warmth of a kiss against your skin.  

Give a Gift – One of gratitude’s greatest strengths is its ability to tether us to a moment. There is no future and no past, only the here and now. It’s the same feeling when you’re truly connected in a moment of passion. Share that with a lover by stimulating their bodies and spoiling them with your affections. Try lighting a sensuous Afterglow Candle, and use the melted oil for an intimate massage, following the moment wherever it leads you. Afterall, it is the season of giving, so be very, very generous. Sincere compliments are also beautiful ways to bring someone into the present and give them a moment of joy.  

Talk it Out – Set an evening aside to connect with a chosen one, whether it’s a partner, close friend, or someone in between. Set the intention to truly be together, no cell phones, no television, no distractions. Create an environment that makes you both feel safe, look them in the eyes and truly express what it is they mean to you, without expecting anything back. The words and time you give is a gift.  

Gratitude is a practice that will guide us back to light, even in the most uncertain of times and darkest of nights. Lickerish Love is grateful to be on this journey with you, and we wish you and yours a month of love and connectedness.