The top ten, topple over, head over heals, busting at the bedsheets, best of the best sex toys and pleasure kits of 2021 joyously researched by our experts.

FOR HER Pleasure Kit
by Lickerish Love

When your person just isn’t cutting it, or you're flying solo, do yourself a favor and drench yourself in some seductive self-care. You will be happier, and that will make everyone around you smile too! This kit has everything from grooming essentials to vibrating pleasure. So, if you were bummed you didn't have that NYE date, now you do. You're welcome!  Why it made our list: Because women deserve to be prioritized.

by We-Vibe

A ring and a rabbit walk into a bedroom….. This kit comes with two toys, one for her and one for him, for balanced pleasure. We think the hallmark of great sex is satisfaction for everyone, and for as long as possible. This Rabbit ring duo does just that, and you will be happily anticipating date night every week! Why it made our list: Because dual satisfaction and prolonged foreplay make the heart grow fonder.

by Hot Octopus

Bro! Did you even know there was such a thing as a “guybrator” ? Men, you will thank us later, because sometimes a bird in the hand just isn’t worth two in the bush. We suggest the Pulse Solo Lux as your go to, amp it up, on the solo, or with a partner. It’s waterproof and works on an erect or flaccid penis. Why it made our list: You had us at “guybrator”

NOVA 2.0
by We-Vibe

A dance party in the sheets is calling…..This rabbit vibrator flexes with the body and keeps constant contact with the clitoris while stimulating the G-spot, even during the wildest moves. Get freaky, let your body flow with the Nova 2.0. It’s BPA and latex free. The 2.0 has more flex and adjustments to flow with your expression. Why it made our list: Did someone say dance challenge ?

PleX with Flex
by Hot Octopuss

Turn up the bass and drive prostate stimulation! This butt plug is not average. It is ergonomically designed, and has a flexible base that bends 90 degrees, making it sporty and comfortable. With a remote and high tech settings you can sit back and let it drive you to a hands-free orgasm. Why it made our list: Because it’s the only way we take our backseat drivers.

by We-Vibe

Bonding with a partner comes in many forms, good verbal communication, kissing, cuddling, and - on the go sexual stimulation! The next time you have some tension with your man ask him to slip into the bond ring. Then take your time delivering subtle sensations to him all day -  just using an app on your phone. This ring vibrator can be worn under his clothes for 100% discretion, hopefully he can keep his cool at his power lunch. Why it made our list: Because we like our men thinking about sex all day.

by Rock’s off

Kind of like a long-island-ice-tea, but you will want this hangover! The party favor we want this year is the Cocktail dual motored couples sex toy. It is crafted to pleasure the anus and vagina whilst also stimulating the penis during sex. Oh My! This spectacular sex toy is sensory heaven with velvet touch silicone, a slim neck, firm contoured plug, and a flexible shaft. It has 10 deeply powerful vibration and pulsation levels, and can be used in water. MIC DROP! Why it made our list: Because, we hate FOMO and this one is not to be missed.

Helix Syn Trident
by Aneros

Aneros gets our highest praise for delivering what it says it will, and sometimes you just want to trust, that what you put up your hind end is the  right one. Why it made our list: Because, Aneros’  tride and true dedication to prostate pleasure turns us on.

Golden Moments
by Womanizer and We-Vibe

An elegant staple for the woman who takes her pleasure seriously. A beautiful boxset that includes Womanizer PREMIUM and We-Vibe Chorus both in a sleek and elegant black color. This is the kind of sex toy you don’t want to shove in your top drawer. Why it made our list: Because, we like a show off.


BLUSH Romance Kit
by Lickerish Love

So, you want to bring something new into the bedroom? But not sure how your partner will respond? This is hands-down, legs open, honest to goodness the best entry into sex play. A gorgeous elegant box full of curious items that will open new conversations, curiosities, and yes orgasms too. Use it how you like it. Why it made our list: Because, sometimes we want you to make us blush.