The Importance of Touch

Are You Touch Starved?

Humans are sensual creatures. Our senses, once necessary for survival, have now become a source of joy. We revel in the intoxicating scent of a lover, linger over the fading beauty of a sunset, treat ourselves to opulent dinners and play our favorite songs to motivate, soothe and inspire. But in a post-Covid world, the one sense that we have abandoned is touch.

But we need to be touched. Emotionally and physically, we are designed for touch. It connects us to our partners, it boosts our immune systems, and it makes us more compassionate. Without it, we become ‘touched starved’ – which can make us stressed, sick and even depressed.

Touch is vital to our wellbeing and to our happiness, and thankfully, its benefits are available to us whether we’re playing alone or with partners. Read on for five Covid-approved ways to safely sate your need to be touched.  

Explore the benefits of touch, and find out why you need it and how to get it (even if you live alone).

Touch Slowly

Find moments of intentional touch throughout the day, where you can forget about the world outside and focus on what your body can feel. We check our phones an average of almost 100 times a day* – and we don’t even realize it because we’re on autopilot. Next time you go to reach for your phone, break the cycle. Take a moment to be fully present, and notice the way it feels in your hand, try to describe it. How does it feel? Is it cool to the touch, or a little warm? Is the case hard or soft, smooth or textured? Run your hand over the bristles of a brush, or cuddle your pet and run your hands through their fur. Challenge yourself to this exercise until it becomes a habit. By doing so, you’re rewiring your brain to appreciate the touch more. (This makes for very sexy foreplay with partners, too.)

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Snuggle Up

There are few things more healing than being held, and thankfully you can enjoy the benefits with or without a partner. Cozy up under the covers with someone in your bubble, or opt to wrap yourself in your blankets instead to instantly calm the mind and relax the body. The key is to make yourself feel safe and comforted. Extra points if you bring your four-legged friend in for a little cuddle.

Embrace Orgasms

When you orgasm, your body releases powerful batch of feel-good hormones like oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin. They make us feel relaxed, happy and even loved. To amplify those effects, take your time and relish in the feeling. Instead of rushing to orgasm, notice the way it feels to run your fingers across your body, or savor the touch of your lover’s lips in all your most intimate places. Go slowly and focus on the journey to climax, because being in the moment will make that final release so much sweeter. Toys can help make the experience even more powerful, we have a beautifully curated selection on our site to suit your every craving.

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Get Wet

Long, hot baths have been known to deliver similar effects as touching, like increased blood flow, relaxation and muscle release. Take your baths to the next level with rich bubbles to lavish yourself in, and light a beautiful candle to set the mood. The Flickering Touch Massage Candle will fill your bathroom with the earthy-sweet scent of vanilla and cacao, while melting down into a warm oil for your after-soak massage. This almond oil creation is also great for massages, and leaves skin feeling smooth and looking radiant. Your favorite waterproof toys can maximize your pleasure.

Move Your Body

Touch stimulates pressure receptors and activates the vagus nerve, which tells your body that it’s time to unwind. Yoga is a beautiful way to simulate the effects of touch and tap into those benefits. As you stretch and flow, your body feels the pressure from the mat, and will send signals to your brain to release your feel-good hormones.

If yoga isn’t your style, try a dance session. The pressure of your feet against the floor, hands on your hips and the endorphins from the movement will create the same soothing effects. Use a foam roller on sore muscles after to multiply the effects, or treat yourself to an at-home massage, working up from the feet all the way to the crown of the head. Wand vibrators, like this one from Le Wand, make great body massagers (and even better foreplay). 

*PR NewsWire "Americans Check Their Phones 96 Times a Day"