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Don’t Be So Cliche This Valentines Day. Exploratory Gift Ideas for Every Type of Lover.

Don’t Be So Cliche This Valentines Day. Exploratory Gift Ideas for Every Type of Lover.

Don’t be so cliche this valentines day. Exploratory gift ideas for every type of lover.

By, Jenna Schreck // @nowheylady

Pending your current location, you may be in lockdown or in a place and space in time where everything feels on pause and shutdown. The silver lining here? This is your opportunity to get creative with your lover. And by lover, I mean yourself or a partner. Let’s get one thing straight, Valentine’s day isn’t about the chocolates or the teddy bears…literally no one really wants those things. It’s about the love. And the giving and receiving of love looks different from person to person. Think spoken or written word, sensual touch, acts of service, spent time or energy…or in a more straight forward capacity, gifts.

In the “winning” Valentine’s day department it helps to know your partner’s love language. So, I encourage you to take a moment to recall a time or a momentous occasion spent with them where you saw them truly light up. Where you could tell their soul was warmed. Was it reading a card? Was it a shared meal? Was it opening something from a box wrapped with a ribbon? You may be surprised in this reflection exercise that they (or you) got excited over something unexpected. More often than not, the unconventional—backed by lots of thought and intention—is the most memorable not to mention heartwarming. 

Now that you have their love language in mind. Here are some creative and exploratory at home Valentine’s day ideas to help you to inspire your own special day:


Write an erotic short story for your lover. How to do it? Pick a fantasy of yours, or theirs. Get descriptive. Drop any hesitation or funny feelings that arise. Really get into it. Also! Have items on hand to make the fantasy come to life if they so choose…handcuffs anyone?


Choose an entree you don’t usually make and cook a meal together. Make sure all ingredients needed are stocked. Ambiance the shit out of the lighting and music. Pour some wine or create a signature mocktail. Bonus points for wearing or inserting a cherry kegal ball into the vulva holder in the relationship’s hoohaa (if applicable) during the cooking portion of the evening. Double bonus points for ending the night with a dance and cherry removal in the sexiest of manners.


Gift a new toy. There is nothing sexier than exploration. Have a conversation about what sounds fun before surprising them…the last thing you want is a surprise gone wrong. Communication is everything when it comes to pleasure. If you’re looking for a couples toy, you can try the eva II by dame or get spicy with a flogger. If you’re looking for a toy for your man, try the pulse solo luxe. If you’re looking for a toy for your woman, try le wand.


Draw your partner a steamy, sensual tub. Light the candles. Grab a book in a genre they adore. Set the mood with some soft spa music. Leave a face mask or a water-safe toy out for them—like the chrome deux. Give them some time and space to be pampered and prepare dinner while they’re soaking.


If there’s anything a physical touch lover misses, its body work. Treat your hunny to some touchy feely time. Do it up with a warmed massage oil and diffuse their favorite scent in the air. Pro tip—butt plugs work better than thumbs for getting knots out and can be used for booty time post-massage. You can try Lickerish love's signature blush box for ultimate sensation play (complete with massage candle).


Nail down your own personal love language or experiment with a new one you don’t usually treat yourself to. And remember, you do not need a partner to make any of these wondrous, love-filled evenings happen. You are your own best lover and I empower you to indulge yourself this holiday solo.

With love,



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