Men, want to know your Sexual Archetype ?

Men, want to know your Sexual Archetype ?

Men, are you..
A Lover ? A Warrior ? A Magician? A Sovereign ?

Over the years, women have been encouraged to find themselves and their power, especially in the bedroom. They’ve been taught to claim their sexuality and embrace their emotional needs. But for men, it’s a little different. We’re allowed to be sexual creatures, but not emotional ones.

Growing up, little boys are rarely given the same emotional license little girls are. And that means as adults, it can sometimes be difficult for us to tap into our subconscious. But surprise, surprise: our emotions affect every element of our lives, especially sex. Even if it’s uncomfortable at first, figuring out who we are, and how that interacts with our sexual relationships can be invigorating.

That’s where (male) archetypes come in. Psychoanalyst Carl Jung was the first to float the ideas of archetypes, innate models of behaviors and personalities. Think of them like psychological astrological signs, defining your characteristics, wants and needs.

I founded Lickerish Love to create deeper intimate connections, forge healthy relationships (in and out of the bedroom), and help people have better sex! That means my team and I spend a lot of time studying sex. It’s our job to try and understand what people want and how they want it.

And through our research, we’ve come up with four male sexual archetypes: The Lover, The Warrior, The Magician and The Sovereign. Finding the one you resonate with most will help answer those essential questions like “when it comes to love making, who am I, what do I crave and what am I interested in?

Every relationship we have teases out unique aspects of our personalities, revealing parts of ourselves that were once hidden. Ideally, we’re doing the same thing for our partner(s), too. Learning the archetype you most relate to will help you embrace your truest nature, which will allow you to be more present, and get more pleasure, out of your play.